Display stand

Display stand Display stand

Silver in the 2023 Display Superstar Award

"Siba Tech - a combination that inspires" – reads the tagline promoting Ruukki's Siba Tech rainwater system, launched earlier this year.

The purpose of the display is to present a novel solution involving the combination of a square gutter with a half-round gutter. The innovation made it possible to create a system with the largest capacity and tightness available on the market.

The rotating part of the display stand helps customers experience the innovative concept and choose a system that perfectly matches their building and roof type.

After scanning a QR code on the display, the customer will be redirected to the manufacturer's website.

The display presents the result of a collaboration between Ruukki Polska and Rebell Studio. An effect that won recognition among as many as eight judges in the 2023 Display Superstar Award competition.

The unique communication and functionality of the display paid off with a silver award, in the information display category (wood, plastic and metal).

It is worth noting that more than 60 displays participated in the competition, presenting the latest solutions in product communication and promotion.

We congratulate all participants for their extraordinary ingenuity.