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Silver in the 2023 Display Superstar Award

The next edition of SUPERSTAR AWARD 2023 is behind us.

More than 60 expositions took part in the international competition, presenting the latest solutions for product communication and promotion, illustrating innovations in the POS materials industry.

We are extremely pleased that the cooperation with Ruukki Poland and Rebell Studio has paid off with a realization that has been recognized among experts.
The jury, consisting of as many as eight members, appreciated the unique communication and functionality of our display in the Siba Tech gutter system competition, thus awarding silver in the information display category (wood, plastic and metal).

New drilling center

Introducing another novelty in the wood and wood-based materials processing department.

MORBIDELLI CX100 R - a universal drilling center, based on the intuitive MAESTRO CNC software.

The machine performs:

  •     vertical drilling on the surface of the board,
  •     horizontal drilling on all four sides,
  •     grooves using an integrated ball along the "X" axis,
  •     standard vertical milling.

Precision drilling and making grooves, milling? It's possible!

The machine is equipped with:

  •     automatic measurement of the length of the workpiece, which ensures perfect matching of the edges and holes of the processed boards,
  •     a system of drilling from the outer edge as an "O" point, which allows to hide errors in the dimensions of the board, and as a result means transferring differences in the thickness of the board to the center of the furniture.
  •     A programmable stop that eliminates problems associated with dowel holes.

New Lohmeyer KAM 780 IQ veneer machine

At APS NOVA, we like novelties... especially ones that will allow us to speed up as much as three times our daily work in the wood and wood-based materials processing department. We are aware that improving the efficiency of our machinery fleet, keeping up with evolving technologies, is the key to continued growth and improved competitiveness.

We present to you the fully automatic and user-friendly Lohmeyer KAM 780 IQ veneering machine. Perfect preparation of the workpieces to be glued, by heating them to 180°, is a guarantee of eliminating errors related to incorrect gluing. The machine precisely processes materials of different thicknesses, guaranteeing even edges without traces of glue residue.

The work of each component of the machine serves one purpose: to obtain a perfect edge!

Canon’s Arizona 1380 XT LED UV new flatbed printer

At APS Nova, we make sure that our machinery stays at the cutting edge of production technologies. With that in mind, we have just purchased Canon’s Arizona 1380 XT LED UV flatbed printer for our printing department.

Combined with dedicated inks, LED-UV curing ensures excellent adhesion, allowing us to print directly on flexible and solid materials typically used in the POS industry, such as wood, plywood, glass, or furniture board. Whatever the surface, printing quality remains top-notch. The inks used in the Arizona 1380 XT are Greenguard certified, which means that our printouts may be used not only in shops or offices, but also in hospitals and schools. The printer comes with a self-cleaning system, making it always ready to work. With Arizona 1380 XT on board, we can print even faster, in high quality and on virtually any material.

We are taking part in the Half Marathon!

We are happy to announce that this year we were able to bid for Start Package No. 1, for the 14th PKO Poznan Half Marathon, thus supporting WOŚP.

The event will take place on April 3, and we invite all willing friends of APS Nova to participate.

We look forward to receiving applications, and in the meantime, we keep our fingers crossed for the preparations for the run ✊❤

Changes are coming!

Dear Customers and Friends of APS Nova!

For the past 7 years, the image of our company was accompanied by a cheerful dwarf. Many people liked him, he was already associated with APS, almost like a full-fledged member of our team;)

But... things are changing! We have just sent our dwarf to a well-deserved rest and present ourselves to you in a completely new look.

We hope you will also like our new image.

See you on our next joint projects!


Szymon Wrzesiński



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