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Woodworking Department

This is our specialty. The universal machine park and team of experts with long experience give us a broad range of possibilities in the scope of processing wood and wood-like materials. Here, we cut, mill, drill, and veneer. The department is equipped with full-format CNC milling and drilling devices that give us the ability to process in advanced way such materials as laminated boards, MDF boards, wood, and plywood. We also have a professional format saw, industrial automated edge banding machine, curvilinear veneering machine, hydraulic press, and planer. We will fulfil practically any order based on furniture boards, plywood, or solid wood.

Printing and Plastic Processing Department

This department shapes plastics, plywood, and other laser plotter processed materials into target shapes and enriches them with graphics.

We print on stiff and soft materials using UV and Latex technology. We print on foils, furniture boards, plastics, plywood, and glass. Our experienced printer operators make sure that prints are of the highest quality.

Laser processing can consist of both cutting and engraving resources.

Here we also cut out and laminate foils and bend plastics.

Welding and Locksmithing Department

This department creates structures, which are later used as framework for stands manufactured by us, as well as advertisement panels intended for interiors and building facades.

We process not only steel, but also aluminium.  Several welding machines allow us to quickly make bigger series of displays.

Saws, drills, benders – we have everything needed to ensure that our designers are not limited by metals, which are difficult to process.


Electric Department

Light in a display completes its appearance and functionality. Proper illumination is an important of each POS material, which is intended to be successfully used on the market for a longer period of time.

The department is equipped with the best soldering stations operated by qualified electricians, who have the required permissions. All manufactured products undergo rigorous tests and measurements to ensure comfort and safety of use.

Assembly Department

Here we assemble and screw together previously prepared elements of our stands.

This is an important task that requires focus and precision. Products leaving this department must meet our customer’s expectations.

A team of experienced assemblers makes sure that each product manufactured by us is of the highest quality. It is also the last moment to perform a thorough inspection of the whole display before it is securely packed.