Display stand

Display stand Display stand

APS Nova's first ever residential block!
There was even a patio, a terrace and ... a VentureWISE air quality management system.

What can we say more about this realization?

That we like projects where we can create eye-catching details.
It is thanks to them that we were able to prepare a display that:

  • with its shape suggests the destination of the promoted product, i.e. an apartment
  • allows you to see what the set looks like (packaging and its components)
  • gives the customer the opportunity to experience the product, among other things, thanks to a dummy radiator, window with attached elements from the set
  • allows you to get to know the product thanks to a video projected on a tablet
  • includes space for catalogs so that the customer can take with them in hard copy the most important information about the promoted solution.

The stand was made for Venture, a manufacturing company in the ventilation industry.
The stability of this more than 2m stand is ensured by furniture board and wood-textured MDF laths.
When creating the block, we could not forget about the balconies! The railings were made of transparent PET, supported by sheet metal painted to match the customer's RAL color scheme.