Wine rack

Wine rack Wine rack

We present another wine rack, simple in form, made on behalf of Het Effect.

As before, the base of the display is powder-coated sheet metal, a material characterized by high durability. The upper part is nothing more than a platform in the form of a tray with a rim, for displaying bottles of wine.

This stand additionally has the possibility of attaching a topper with a magnetic film. Thanks to this treatment, the display can be used for many promotional actions.

The dimensions of the display allow it to be placed in strategic areas of the store that are easily accessible and visible to customers. It can be near the cash register, in the central part of the store or at the entrance to attract the attention of customers as soon as they enter the store.

A wine rack in a store not only serves the practical purpose of storing and displaying bottles, but can also be an important marketing element to attract customers' attention and encourage purchases.